koding.com Worldwide

Company blurb

Koding is a San Francisco based technology company that is eliminating wasteful tasks from the world of software development and creating a simple way to be more collaborative and productive. It provides development environments and development tools in the form of virtual machines, online IDE, browser-based Terminals, and so on.

Company size

  • 5-10 employees based on crunchbase

  • 9 people are registered on their Github repository

Remote status

The company has strong remote culture and currently has an international team of engineers, designers, and marketers in 6 countries and 2 continents.


  • North America
  • Europe

Company technologies

  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • CoffeeScript
  • Shell
  • Linux
  • HCL

Office locations

Head quarter : San Francisco, CA , US

How to apply

Use the contact link in About Us