madewithlove UTC-5 to UTC+3

Company blurb

At the heart of your business

Madewithlove helps their clients to create digital products and build teams that will improve their business. We only work on projects that are at the heart of our client's business. We love challenges; they make us shine. We have the brains and the heart to take the most complex projects to the finish line.

Company size

Currently 25, as you can see on our team page .

Remote status

We are a remote first company and we advocate our remote culture to our clients.


Everywhere between timezones UTC-5 and UTC+3.

Company technologies

PHP (Laravel), HTML, JavaScript (React, React Native, Node), CSS, ElasticSearch,...

Office locations

We have 2 physical offices in Belgium: Leuven (our HQ) and Ghent.

How to apply

Please read our job page carefully before applying.