MarsBased Worldwide

Company blurb

MarsBased is a development and business consultancy from Barcelona offering end‑to‑end web & mobile apps based on Ruby on Rails, Python and JavaScript. We use our engineering skills, business knowledge and a top-notch worldwide network to service Fortune 500 companies, high-growth startups and SMBs alike.

Company size

We are 20 people in-house and five contractors.

Remote status

We're a 100% remote-first company. We do not have physical offices, and at present, our employees are scattered around Spain and Portugal. Every two months, we host the Martian Day, during which we all team up in Barcelona for a couple of days of get-together, hands-on meetings with the founders, workshops, keynotes and some time off. Once a year, we have a company retreat in a cool place like Dublin, Menorca, Asturias, Andorra...


We're just hiring EU-residents with a working permit. Freelancers willing to do contract work might apply from anywhere, but won't be eligible for a full-time job inside the company.

Company technologies

Ruby (Rails, Sinatra) Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask), Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js, React Native, Ionic.

Office locations

No physical offices, but we're from Barcelona.

How to apply

Apply through our website .