MarsBased Worldwide

Company blurb

MarsBased is a development consultancy from Barcelona offering end‑to‑end web & mobile apps based on Ruby on Rails and Javascript frameworks. We use our engineering skills, business knowledge and a top-notch worldwide network to make projects skyrocket. Our company culture is strongly influenced by 37Signals (Basecamp) Rework and Remote books: no overtime, flexible schedules, remote work, quality before quantity, less is more, no email, no micromanagement, etc.

Company size

At present, we're 11 full-time employees plus 4 contractors/freelancers.

Remote status

We're a 100% remote-first company. We do not have physical offices, and at present, our employees are scattered around Spain. Those living in Barcelona, about half of the company, meet every Wednesday in a coworking space to spend some time together. Every two months, we host the Martian Day, during which we all team up in Barcelona for a couple of days of get-together, hands-on meetings with the founders, workshops, keynotes and some time off.


We're just hiring EU-residents with a working permit. Freelancers willing to do contract work might apply from anywhere, but won't be eligible for a full-time job inside the company.

Company technologies

Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js.

Office locations

No physical offices, but we're from Barcelona.

How to apply

Send your CV + github account to and make sure you add the following line in your email: "Jim Carrey is my favourite actor".