Massive Pixel Creation

Company blurb

Massive Pixel Creation is a company established in 2009 in Katowice, Poland that specializes in software development outsourcing (both for mobile and web projects). MPC started with building and monetizing its own web products and selling them on Envato, shortly becoming Power Elite Author with more than 45.000 sales.

Later they built an easy-to-use platform called WPKraken to serve small business owners from all around the globe that are having their websites and web apps based on WordPress.

Company size


Remote status

Massive Pixel Creation is open for remote working. Currently we have only one physical location which is in Katowice, Poland. Although we have employed great specialist from remote locations in Poland. During the pandemic around 90% of our employees are working remotely, and there a few that moved abroad.



Company technologies

PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React, React Native, Flutter, WordPress

Office locations

Jesionowa 22 Street 40-158 Katowice Poland, Europe

How to apply

Visit our careers pages to check the current job openings and apply.