Mayven Studios

Company blurb

Mayven Studios is a design and engineering studio helping businesses scale. We make custom software and websites for some of the best teams in Silicon Valley. Started in 2015 by @natemcguire and @chood531 , Mayven Studios is now owned by Saltwater . We love building businesses and the technical infrastructure to help them grow.

We're a team of engineers, designers, and QAs, distributed in 17 cities around the world. We're a group of hard working and smart people — everyone is excellent at what they do. If you want to work with a team that will help you level up, this is the place.

Some of our clients include: Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), Emergence Capital, Lightspeed, Mixpanel, Facebook, Egnyte, Segment, Lagunitas, Dropbox, Pachama...the list goes on. We're actively taking on new and interesting projects as we scale our own business to serve more customers.

Company size

60 and growing, primarily engineers, with some designers, QA, and Project management. We're a minimal management company, primarily focused on hiring excellent individuals who are super skilled in their particular area.

Remote status

Mayven Studios has been remote from day one. Our customers are primarily US based so we time shift a bit to PST, with the majority of customers in Silicon Valley, California. Nate and Connor live in UTC+3 and UTC+8, and our team spans from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast to the Beaches of Bali, so we are a low-meeting company and heavily async with regards to comms. We wanted to be remote for location freedom, but our real secret is it allows us to hire the best people around the world, location agnostic.


We hire a lot from Central America and Europe, but have plenty of people not in those places. There's team members in California, Texas, Spain, Italy, UK, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey, Ukraine, Dubai, Uruguay, Mexico, and Bali. A few of us are nomadic, but for the most part settled in professionals with quite a lot of experience.

Company technologies

  • PHP (Laravel)
  • JavaScript (Vue.js, React, Next, Node)
  • Ruby (RoR)
  • Python
  • Objective-C / Swift (iOS)
  • Java (Android)

Most of our work is web applications, mobile apps, and websites. These can be simple marketing sites or complicated enterprise applications. We prefer keeping things clean and simple with our work tools.

Office locations

the Internet (no office)

How to apply

Check out website Mayven Studios to see if you are into what we do and then send an email to with your background, what work you do well, and portfolio if applicable.