Company blurb

"Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell"

Thanks to the power of technology, people around the world can easily link up and enjoy the experience of buying and selling with each other. With this, we aim to establish a society where resources are circulated and where people can accomplish their goals.

Company size

2,000+ employees

Remote status

Under the "Your Choice" policy, each employee can select the work style that maximizes performance and value for both themselves and their organization. This policy gives employees the freedom to decide whether to work remotely or in the office, what kind of environment to work in, and other working conditions.

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Company technologies

Go, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, React, Swift, TypeScript

For a full list of company technologies, please see Mercari Engineering - Technology Stack .

Office locations

  • Tokyo
  • Sendai
  • Fukuoka

How to apply

For open Engineering positions, please see Mercari Careers - Engineering .