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MetaMask empowers users and builders to transact, raise, share, transfer, invest, coordinate and distribute value via the decentralized web. We aim to bring our 1 million+ users a private, secure, robust and delightful user interface for the ethereum blockchain. Our leading projects are the MetaMask browser extension and MetaMask Mobile

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We are a fully remote organization. We are located across North America, South America, Europe and east Asia. Our team meeting schedule mostly aligns with mid-morning to mid-afternoon Pacific Time. We have an annual, week long full team meet-up. We highly value active communication, and regularly communicate through both video meetings and async using slack, GitHub and google docs.



Company technologies

React Native, iOS, android, React, Node.js

How to apply

In 2019, we launched our mobile web browser and gained rapid traction. We are hiring a Senior Mobile Engineer to help lead technical development as we aim to engage and empower millions of more users. We are looking for someone with a strong depth of iOS and Android experience, who can lead feature development in our React Native codebase.

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