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Digital Workspace for the Construction Industry

Many construction companies are still heavily relying on paper-based repetitive processes in their everyday work. This leads to problems when monitoring the status of running projects, scheduling new projects, or planning the long-term development of the company. The company’s liquidity is in danger, when delays, reduced quality, and/or disputes with client, become the norm rather than the exception.

Molteo is the tool, which consists of modules that cover all areas from capturing data, to advanced analytics, and lastly data-driven recommendations that enable the construction companies to plan and act ahead. Our real-time overview of projects, fast resource capturing, and paperless billing enables the company to become more profitable, free up time of their employees, and lastly enable information sharing across the company.

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The tech team is fully distributed but everyone is welcome to come in Copenhagen office where the founding and sales teams are located.



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Node.js, Vue.js, Flutter, iOS, Openfaas, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, Google Cloud, AWS.

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Check the jobs page or contact by email at: