Company blurb

Our StartIT delivery model focuses on quick wins and multiple development cycles to get new applications and functionalities quickly out the door. The basic idea behind the model is that while agile development is great, it’s fail fast – fail often approach, where developers try multiple approaches identifying the one that works while failing fast on others, is not necessarily the panacea that it’s made out to be. We have combined Fail-fast Agile and well-planned DevOp to create a model that takes the best of both approaches: continuous integration of new code batches into a centralized mainline; continuous delivery of new builds to testing environments and pushing them into production through rolling updates; componentized code with clear and precise well defined functionality; continuous testing from the get-go instead of waiting for pre-release stage; Agile team based delivery where every team member devotes their effort to overcome the challenge at hand, having a clear overall picture in mind

Company size

1- 50 (as of January 2014)

Remote status

Almost all of us are remote. We also have an office in India (New Delhi) that everyone is welcome to use when they're in the city, but even India locals pop in just a few days a week.


Current openings are for remote positions in Mumbai.

Company technologies

Cloud Services, Salesforce, DevSecOps, Digital Technologies.

Office locations

Noida, India

How to apply

Check our jobs page: