Nuharbor Security

Company blurb

Nuharbor Security is a cybersecurity managed service provider based in Colchester Vermont. Nuharbor Security challenges traditional security and audit methodologies to reduce overhead and create a high return on investment while positioning security, compliance, and risk management as business enablers. Nuharbor Security's mission is to make cybersecurity stronger and easier for their clients, helping clients to better understand and protect themselves.

Company size

100-150 Employees

Remote status

Many positions are remote friendly. There are a portion of positions that are in-office, but the status of each position is displayed with the job description.

Remote employees can work in office with approval and there are events multiple times a year that remote employees can opt to attend in person.



Company technologies

  • Splunk (SPL)
  • C#
  • Python
  • Typescript
  • Security tools (Firewalls, vulnerability scanners, anti-malware, SIEMs, etc.)

Office locations

Colchester, VT (US)

How to apply

View open positions here: