Company blurb

OmniTI was born on 4th September, 1997. In just over a decade, and with no outside financing, we have grown to over forty employees. Many are leading figures in web development and Internet architectures. In early 2008, after developing the world's fastest mail transfer agent, we launched Message Systems, which has quickly become a leader in its sector.

We provide a full service, from sustainable architectures that can support hundreds of millions of users, to web application development – winning multiple Webby awards – and user interface design. All of us are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for our clients and their audience.

We work on some of the largest sites and toughest challenges available on the Internet, and we've executed successfully on that mission for more than 10 years. That type of track record does not come easily; we are constantly searching for people who share our passion for technology and excellence. Pride in your work, intellectual curiosity, and a drive to learn and self-improve are essential. Does this sound like you ?

Company size

About 45 employees.

Remote status

We're very friendly to working remotely. Nearly half of the company telecommutes from across the US. We like to get together in person a few times a year.


OmniTI is open to hiring worldwide, though some projects may prefer team members located in Western Hemisphere time zones. Don't be afraid to ask!

Company technologies

  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Angular, jQuery
  • Nginx, memcached, Redis
  • Postgres
  • illumos/OmniOS , Linux
  • Ansible, Chef
  • Git, Subversion

Office locations

  • Fulton, MD
  • New York City, NY

How to apply

Find your new job here . If you know someone at OmniTI through a technical community, feel free to reach out for a referral.