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Company blurb

We share the knowledge and teach the skills people need to change their world. We have imparted the world-shaping ideas of innovators through books, articles, conferences, and our online learning platform for over 40 years.

We want to prepare people to solve challenging problems and inspire them with what is possible for the future.

Company size

201-500 employees

Remote status

We organize virtual events like conferences for people from all over the world to attend virtually. Besides, we allow our employees to work from home.

Remote working positions are available.


Worldwide (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific)

Company technologies

What we mainly focus on are publishing, conferences, research, online services, online media, e-learning, ebooks, online training, programming, design, IoT, web, WebOps, security, futurism, AI, bots, technology, and economy.

Office locations

Sebastopol, CA (Corporate Headquarters) 1005 Gravenstein Highway North Sebastopol, CA 95472 USA

Visit here https://www.oreilly.com/about/contact.html for more information on other office locations.