Panther Labs USA, Greece

Company blurb

Panther is a cybersecurity company with the mission of detecting and responding to security breaches at a cloud-scale. Based in Silicon Valley, the company was founded by security practitioners with the goal of solving modern detection using detections-as-code, a cloud-native architecture, and data lake technology. Panther’s platform, used by respected industry leaders, enables security teams to focus on what they know best: reducing risk, detecting attacks, and protecting their organizations without the prohibitive overhead and operational cost.

Company size

As of July 2021, the company has around 40 employees.

Remote status

We are a remote-first team, but are adaptive to our team members’ needs. Everyone at Panther receives a workplace stipend for set up and continued maintenance, which can also be allocated to co-working spaces for individuals or regional teams.


We have team members all over the US, as well as an engineering team in Greece.

Company technologies

Panther Labs was founded in 2018 and has a modern serverless tech stack consisting of Golang, Python, React, AWS (S3, CloudFormation, EC2, Athena, CodeBuild, Dynamo, and more!), Snowflake, Pulumi, GraphQL, and TypeScript.

Office locations

We have a working space in San Francisco and Athens. As our teams grow, we may open up small satellite offices if our team members prefer offices to in-home workspaces.