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Decades of experience building distributed software systems One easy-to-use framework

Developers today are tasked with building larger systems than ever before. It's not just about scalability - the world we're modeling is much more intricate. Unfortunately, the traditional approaches don't hold up anymore and the behemoth enterprise programming stacks are just too complex.After decades of working with these convoluted layers of abstraction and obstruction, our team has found the "middle road". We've restructured the rock-solid underlying technologies from these behemoths into a platform just as stable but much simpler and easier to use.Our customers include the world largest banks, retailers, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, energy and media powerhouses - across every industry, from the smallest startups to the Global 2000, thousands rely on our platform.

Company size

We have over 40 staff members worldwide.

Remote status

We’re fully distributed. This means that there is no central office. We all work from home (and coffee shops and essentially everywhere we can find a reliable wifi signal). We are spread across 15 countries, covering multiple timezones, conducting our work when it’s most suitable for us. Working remotely is great, but we feel it’s very important to work together face to face at least once a year. We meet in one place for five days to discuss the company direction for the following year, work together in person, and reinforce personal connections by having some fun. In addition, everyone has a personal budget for other meetups with colleagues throughout the world.

The company is divided into five core strategies managed by squads who are responsible for prioritizing work and making sure our processes and policies support the goals of the area. Participation in squads rotates periodically so that everyone gets the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and furthers their understanding of how areas in the company interconnect.

When a task or project is defined, a group of people with the necessary knowledge and skills form a task force. The work and decision-making happens in these small groups that form, complete the task, and disband. With task forces, we break down silos and get the chance to work with people from different disciplines.

We love working from home! We hire exceptional people who we know are committed, well organized and self-motivated. We encourage you to work the hours that suit you best, and to balance your outside life and interests. We trust you will get your work done. You can do it while you are at your prime and no wasting time on the train or driving!



Company technologies

Extensible messaging and workflow for .NET and .NET Core Supports a variety of messaging patterns and workflows on multiple transports like MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Azure, and Amazon SQS. Developers focus on core logic, fully abstracted from the underlying infrastructure. Runs on .NET or .NET Core on Windows, Linux, or in Docker containers.

We believe working in the Particular culture offers inherent benefits such as flexible hours, working from home, working with smart, helpful people, and the ability to influence the organizational structure.

At Particular Software, it's not just about writing software and building great products. It's about improving the lives of the developers, tech leads and operations professionals who drive the software industry. The software we develop helps organizations design and build elegant mission-critical systems by letting them focus on their business code instead of wasting their time reinventing the infrastructural wheels underneath it.

We make all source code available at GitHub through project-specific repositories: . This will give you the best indication of the technologies we use.

Office locations

Particular Software, 2 Bnei Brit Street, Haifa 3475201, Israel

How to apply contains further information, though there are no current job listings mentioned. contains information to contact Particular Software directly.