Plai Europe, North America

Company blurb

Plai is a people and performance management company for remote companies. At Plai, we help thousands of organizations align their teams with OKRs, inspire growth with feedback and praise, effortless performance/360° reviews, and effective 1:1s.

Company size

10 people as of summer 2020 and growing rapidly.

Remote status

Half of our team works remotely. Most of the team members are from different cities in Ukraine. We communicate via Slack / Google Meet on a regular basis, and use our own tool Plai to stay aigned.


Europe and North America.

Company technologies

🖥 Frontend: React

🛠 Backend: Kotlin/Spring, NodeJS/Nest (NX mono-repo)

🚘 Devops: AWS, Terraform, ansible

Office locations

🌍 Kyiv, Ukraine

How to apply

👉 Plai team and about page