Precision Nutrition

Company blurb

Precision Nutrition is a company that specializes in certifying nutrition coaches. They offer two levels of certification, personal coaching, and a number of supporting resources. They openly advertise working remotely worldwide, and reference this on several pages on their website.

Company size

On their LinkedIn page, Precision Nutrition identifies themselves as a company of 51 - 200 employees. They have 75 employees with profiles on their "Meet the Team " webpage.

Remote status

Precision Nutrition remotely worldwide. While their company was founded in Canada, they boast about having employees from around the globe "from Toronto to Italy, Southern California to Belize". They have had a company that focuses on remote work for over twenty years, and brag about this approach and its benefits on their website. For more information, check out their blog post on "Remote Work: How to work the Precision Nutrition way" here .



Company technologies

Precision Nutrition is a Health and Fitness company. The specific technologies are listed for each position. Some of the highlight terms I found listened include: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails Rails, React, Vue, Ember, Amazon Web Services, EC2, Elixir, Angular, Docker, Agile, UX, "designing, building, implementing, and supporting ETL processes, dimensional data models, and data repositories for business intelligence and analytics purposes", and familiarity Jira.

Office locations

The company is headquartered in Toronto, CA.

How to apply

You can find current job openings for this company on their careers page , and apply for positions there.