Primotly Worldwide

Company blurb

Primotly is a software house initially based in Warsaw Poland, with two branch offices in New York (USA) and Katowice (Poland)

Company size

50 Developers and staff memebers are currently working in Primotly

Remote status

Remote work is the source of the compamny as it started with being a remote only company before actually getting actual offices.


Worldwide - Primotly has been remote since day one.

Company technologies

We're currently using Python, Node, PHP, Typescript, ReactJS, Symfony, Docker and are looking at a whole lot of new toys to build the best possible experience for our customers.

Office locations

442 Lorimer St Ste D PMB 5097, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA street view Czluchowska 9/6, 01-360 Warszawa, Poland street view

How to apply

Current openings are on the jobs page.