Company blurb

PrivacyCloud is an early-stage startup based in Asturias and Madrid (Spain) seriously disrupting the current ad-tech ecosystem by providing a set of tools focused on customer centricity and privacy-by-design.

Company size


Remote status

At the moment, the entire product team is located in Asturias, meeting each other regularly at the office in Gijón, working remotely as needed with no specific rules on this matter. We are not closed to full-remote positions, but at the moment, being a small company with a lot of decisions to be made, we value positively to be located near the office so that we can stick together from time to time.



Company technologies

These are some of the technologies you will be working with:

  • TypeScript
  • hapi.js + TypeORM
  • MySQL
  • React and React Native (+ Redux)
  • Google Cloud

This is important: as long as you can provide some equivalent experience (for example: Postgres instead of MySQL, {Rails, Laravel, Spring, Express.js} instead of {hapi.js, TypeORM}, {Vue, Angular} instead of React), that’s fine. You don’t need to have any professional experience with the tools above. You don’t even need to tick all the boxes!

Office locations

Gijón, Spain

How to apply

You can find the actual open positions as issues in our jobs repo .