Company blurb

Founded in 2014, Quaderno helps thousands of companies and entrepreneurs around the world to automate their tax management and make solid business decisions.

We collect and manage millions of data points from payment processors, shopping carts and backends to generate all the accounting data our customers need to run their businesses.

We’re a small team, so everyone has a lot of autonomy and a huge impact. With just a handful of people, we’ve already created a bootstrapped and profitable business.

We believe in simplicity, transparency, and diversity.

Company size

10 team members shown on the team page .

Remote status

100% remote. We do have an office (in Gran Canaria, Spain), but we truly believe you must live in the place that makes you happiest.


Nowadays our team is based almost exclusively in Europe. Our locations are based on timezones - we have certain timezone restrictions for each role and don’t mind where you are or how much you move around within those timezones.

Company technologies

Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch, and MySQL.

Office locations

While people who work at Quaderno can live and work anywhere they want, about 7 of us work out of our Gran Canaria headquarters.

How to apply

Care to join us? We don’t always have job openings, but when we do, we'll post them at https://quaderno.io/jobs/ .