QuestDB Worldwide

Company blurb

QuestDB is a high-performance open source database for time series. The project is built from scratch in Java and C++, with no dependencies, and is 100% free from garbage collection. The database is optimized for time series with high-throughput ingestion over InfluxDB Line Protocol and allows users to use SQL as a query language via PostgreSQL wire or REST API.

Developers rely on QuestDB as the analytic backbone of real-time systems ranging from FinTech to machine learning, IoT, and application monitoring. Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus and Yahoo deploy QuestDB for large-scale, data-intensive production systems, some of which serve close to a billion users.

Company size

20-50 team members Worldwide

Remote status

We are fully remote, globally distributed, and most of our communication is asynchronous.



Company technologies

Java, C++, Python, FastAPI, Kubernetes, Terraform, React, Typescript, NextJS.

Office locations

We have an office in London.

How to apply

We hire talented and passionate people who share our mission to empower developers to solve their problems with data. We are building breakthrough technology to power the infrastructure of page .