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We are and we want to reach the top! In just a few years, we have made the transition from a small start-up company to one of Germany's largest e-commerce platforms. is one of the largest German online stores, and we want to continue to grow. We want to shape the future of e-commerce! We are not afraid of any obstacles or challenges. Our belief is that anything can be done with great ideas and hard work as the foundation for every decision, every plan and every project!

All employees are characterised by commitment, collaboration, drive, integrity and a passion for customers. offers all its employees freedom for innovation and personal responsibility in a great place to work and grow.

Company size

Our tech and product team with 150 employees is responsible for creating the best-possible customer shopping experience for the marketplace – our digital product is one of the most successful marketplaces in Germany. We are here to inspire millions of customers, to help them find, purchase and get the things they love.

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Company technologies

Product Manager

Our first priority is: creating customer value. When you have a great product that customers love, everything else will follow. We use design thinking and involve people from different parts of the company, to make sure we identify and refine the best ideas to successfully address customer needs and solve real customer problems. We think outside the box and take calculated risks.

We ensure that our team delivers the best possible economical outcome! We efine the vision and strategy for our product that is aligned with the company goals. We use objectives and key results instead of roadmaps, since we want to make every decision based on the most recent information. In many cases, we don’t know the best solutions, so we talk to customers a lot, analyze data thoroughly and run many multivariate tests. The most important tools that we use are: Optimizely, Contentsquare, Speedcurve, Tableau, BigQuery, our own UX lab, Google Analytics 360, Confluence and Jira.

Product Designer / UX Researcher

Our team of Product Designers and UX researchers are working with our cross-functional product teams across the whole customer journey. Product Designers work alongside the product owners and software engineers to solve problems and build products our customers love. They are passionate about innovative ideas and embrace an agile and customer and data-centric way of working. Rapidly building, testing and iterating on prototypes is one of the most important responsibilities of the Product Designer, utilizing product discovery techniques like design sprints, usability labs, A/B tests etc. The habits, emotions and needs of our users are always the main focus here. The Product Designer also takes care of our pattern library, defining new patterns and further developing existing patterns to deliver a consistent user experience across the full marketplace.

Tools like Sketch, Invision, Figma, ProtoPie and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite help us with our tasks. On the other hand, the UX researcher supports product teams during the planning, execution and analysis process of user research activities. Our UX researchers have profound experience in qualitative and quantitative user research methodologies.

Frontend Engineers

In the last couple of years, development inside frontend departments has changed drastically, so it changed over here. Our horizontal is not just responsible for every visible object in our shop but also involved even before the coding starts. This includes working on drafts with our UX experts, collecting data for evaluation with the product team, thinking about useful tracking and testing approaches with our SEO team, collaborating tightly together with our backend horizontal to clarify APIs etc., and more. Of course we develop and administer our micro frontends, which are written in Vue.js. Besides that we are working constantly on our pattern libraries to ensure consistency on our platform. We are working with a mobile first approach and take care of all cross-browser problems. We love to create the best user experience for our customer and keep code clean and easy to read. Our tech stack includes among others : SCSS, BEM, Webpack, Docker, GraphQL, Vue.js, Typescript, Nuxt … and much more.

Backend Engineers

Backend engineers are responsible for the backbone of our products – business logic and processes, data and integration with other products and partners. Every day we are challenged, but glad to have the possibility to learn, how to develop our systems and to write our code, so that our products can handle the constantly increasing traffic, while staying open for any new innovational product idea. As a part of cross-functional teams, we actively participate in the product discovery phase to generate ideas, propose innovations through new technology or to estimate the doability of any idea before it is planned to be implemented. To keep our systems future safe we invest time in developing our architecture and migrate our older systems towards microservices. We can apply a wide range of technologies to choose the best possible solution for our products: PHP, Python, Go, MySQL, MongoDb, Redis, RabbitMq, Kafka, Docker, AWS, Google cloud.

Data Scientists

The Data Scientists work on improving our shop and processes with well-designed automated Machine Learning solutions. We analyse our data and processes to find possibilities to enhance the customer’s shopping experience through recommendations and the enrichment of our product data. Furthermore, we help to support the business departments with intelligent forecasting, automated sorting of customer claims and item categorization. Data Scientists explore our data, train models and deploy their developed services themselves at our company, thus requiring experience in Data Science and Software Engineering. Challenging current features and solutions, we constantly work on finding better ways and easier approaches to raise the quality of our products and data. We employ a variety of tools and Frameworks for these tasks: Python, BigQuery, MySQL, MongoDb, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, sklearn, OpenCV, statsmodels, tensorflow, rasa, spacy.

Lean Managers

Lean Managers are the organizational engine of our product areas. You can imagine us to be a mix of project managers, scrum masters and agile coaches. We optimize organizational flows within our area and we make sure that we are applying lean methodologies wherever possible. We remove all kinds of impediments and roadblockers along product discovery and delivery to achieve operational excellence in our teams. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of lean, agile and project management methods and foster general culture of improvement. We also make sure that our teams are aware of all dependencies, deliverables and roadmaps and communicate accordingly in order to establish and maintain transparency with stakeholders. Continuous improvement is our goal.

Office locations

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Tech-Hub Darmstadt
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