Company blurb

At Redox, our mission is to make healthcare data useful.

We believe that true change in healthcare depends on technical innovation and that technical innovation will only happen when developers have access to useful healthcare data. The systems that currently store this data are decades old. They exchange data over antiquated, confusing, and inconsistently implemented standards. We are building the data exchange platform, backed by a network of hundreds of health systems and thousands of app developers, that provides consistent, easy access to the developers building the next generation of healthcare technology.

By eliminating access to healthcare data as a barrier to entry, we are enabling the technical innovation that will allow healthcare providers to better care for patients and for patients to better control their health.

Company size

70 (as of Oct 2018)

Remote status

We are remote-first company. While we have a handful of offices, we believe in working from the places that make us most productive and satisfied.


Currently, US-based only

Company technologies

Node.JS, React, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Vagrant

Office locations

Madison, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Denver, Chicago

How to apply

Visit our Careers Page