Research Square

Company blurb

At Research Square, we are committed to making research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. We are home to American Journal Experts, the leader in trusted and ethical author-oriented solutions in the world of academic publishing.

We believe that we do our best work when we can grow as individuals, enable the success of others, and work collectively toward important goals, while openly acknowledging gaps in knowledge.

Company size


Remote status

Most of our employees are 100% remote. We have a small number of employees who work in or around our office in downtown Durham, NC. Three times per year we host an in-person all-hands meeting, which includes company updates, employee awards, and social outings.



Company technologies

Our current toolbox includes: PHP 7, Zend Framework 1 and 3, Doctrine ORM, React, Redux, Webpack, LESS/Sass, Jekyll, Go, Java, Docker, MySQL, Redis, Amazon Web Services, CircleCI, GitHub, Airbrake

Office locations

601 W. Main St., Ste 102, Durham, NC 27701

How to apply

To learn more, see our Careers and Jobs page . We also post jobs on StackOverflow .