Scopic Software

Company blurb

We create custom solutions for virtually everything! Our passion is developing visually engaging and interactive solutions, custom made to enhance your business. Over a decade of service and 1000+ projects, developing digital products and user-centric software for a wide range of industries and niches including: Manufacturing, Music and film, Fintech, Food and Fitness, Healthcare and Gaming.

Company size


Remote status

We are a fully remote company, with our team members located in 30+ countries.


Albania Argentina Armenia Belarus Brazil Bulgaria Chile Colombia Croatia Dominican Republic Ecuador Georgia Kazakhstan Kosovo Kyrgyzstan Macedonia Moldova Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia (but not Crimea) Serbia Ukraine Uzbekistan Vietnam

Company technologies

  • WEB FRAMEWORKS We turbocharge our development process with state of the art frameworks such as Yii, Django, Symfony, Spring, Java and Node.js.

  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN At Scopic we believe it’s not about the size but what you do with it. With technologies like Bootstrap and LESS, there’s not a screen size we don’t love.

  • NATIVE/CROSS-PLATFORM SDKS We’re not tied down by a single platform; we like to play the field. We use Xamarin, AdobeAIR, PhoneGAP and Qt to cater to different operating systems.

  • OPENGL, DIRECT3D We are experts in standard 3D design. We utilize computer vision libraries such as OpenGL, OpenCV and DirectD3.

  • SQL AND NOSQL DATABASES Scopic has a foot in both worlds. We use tried and true SQL when the fit is right, but aren’t afraid to delve into newer technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, Dynamo and other applications for big data.

Office locations

Headquarter in Rutland, Massachusetts.

How to apply

Apply for any of the jobs listed on our Careers page !