Company blurb

ScrapingBee is a web scraping API that handle headless browsers are rotate proxies for you.

It was funded by Pierre de Wulf and Kevin Sahin in 2019. Pierre and Kevin worked on Web Scraping projects for many years, for startups and bigger companies. We realized we always encountered the same problems. We decided to create an API to solve these problems.

We are an open startup, meaning we take transparency seriously, you can learn more about us here:

Company size

2 people, Pierre and Kevin

Remote status

We are a remote first company. Both Kevin and Pierre work remotely and we plan to hire our first developer remotely! We are big fans of Notion, Slack, Github, Zoom and async communication in general.



Company technologies

  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Flask
  • AWS

Office locations

We don't have any offices, Pierre lives in Paris and Kevin in Toulouse (south of France)

How to apply

If you like headless browsers, browser fingerprinting and data extraction your can send us an email at