Sendwave Worldwide

Company blurb

Over 800,000 people trust Sendwave. In just a few short years, Sendwave has gone from a simple idea to becoming one of the world’s leading money senders to Africa.

Sendwave's mission is to make sending money as easy and affordable as sending a text. Our app sends transfers securely from North America and Europe to Africa, Asia and the Americas with great rates.

Company size

387 employees on LinkedIn

Remote status

Because we work in a 100% remote environment, we happily hire people from all over the world who share our mission of making sending money as easy as sending a text.



Company technologies

Sendwave uses 17 technology products and services including HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, according to G2 Stack.

Sendwave is actively using 25 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Google Font API.

Office locations

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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