Sensu USA and Canada

Company blurb

Sensu enables high-velocity organizations to maintain operational visibility, while supporting software and infrastructure-as-code development best practices, and solving the unique challenges of monitoring in dynamic operating environments (e.g. public/private/hybrid cloud computing environments, container-based environments, and more). At Sensu we are on a mission to obviate the need to (re)build custom monitoring solutions. We believe that completely open source monitoring solutions will empower companies to deliver value to their customers faster, at a larger scale, and with full confidence that comes from deep visibility into the health of their infrastructure, applications, and business. It is our goal to enable human beings to enjoy a healthier life/work balance by providing them with better monitoring solutions. You may be a good fit to join our team if these ideas resonate with you.

Company size

0-20 and growing.

Remote status

Sensu is a fully distributed company with employees in the United States and Canada in all North American time zones. Our team collaborates via Slack and extensive use of audio/video conferencing. A fast internet connection is preferred, and we offer a $150/month stipend for telecommunications that is included automatically in your regular paycheck. Work is tracked through GitHub issues via Waffle boards.


Sensu is open to employees from the United States and Canada.

Company technologies

Ruby, Go, JavaScript, React, Etcd, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB, Linux, Windows.

Sensu is an open source project, familiarity with GitHub and experience with other open source projects is a bonus, but in no way required.

Office locations

As Sensu is a fully distributed, remote-first company, we currently have no physical locations. However, we do have a number of employees in Portland who occasionally share a coworking space.

How to apply

For more information about this position and to apply, go here .