Six to Start

Company blurb

Founded in 2007, Six to Start is an independent games developer and entertainment company based in London. We've created games and apps for companies like the BBC, Channel 4, Penguin Books, eBay, and Muse; and we've conducted research and development for Disney Imagineering, CBS Interactive, Microsoft, and the British Museum.

Since 2011, Six to Start has focused on developing original smartphone games including Zombies, Run! and The Walk (co-created with Naomi Alderman).

Company size

11 employees (October 2016)

Remote status

Six to Start has its corporate headquarters in London, England, with half the team based out of the home office, and half working from home around the world. Six to Start employees use email, Slack, and various other tools to communicate.



Company technologies

  • JavaScript, Python, Swift, Java

Office locations

  • London, UK

How to apply

Apply for any of the jobs listed on our Jobs page !