Sommo Worldwide

Company blurb

Sommo is a no-code / low-code development studio that helps you build, launch and grow 10x faster with no-code approach.

Our clients are startups and enterprise companies who want to launch an MVP, build the first version of the product, validate an idea or streamline business processes with internal tools.

Our skilled team of no-coders hires for remote or hybrid positions all over the world, for roles such as developer, Webflow developer, Designer, PM, Sales, and Marketing.

Join our dynamic and vibrant team and be at the crest of the new innovative no-code wave that changes how software products are made. Be a pioneer and join our team!

Company size

20 people as of 2022 and growing quickly.

Remote status

Our team is fully remote/hybrid (offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, optional to visit). Most of the team members are from different cities in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Georgia, US. We communicate via Slack / Google Meet on a regular basis.


🌎 Worldwide

Company technologies

🖥 No-code Developer:, Webflow, Glide, WeWeb

🎨 Design: UX/UI design

Office locations

🌍 Kyiv, Ukraine

How to apply

👉 Leave your message on Sommo website