Company blurb

Soostone is a specialized technology company that combines innovative software with data science to provide high-impact solutions to a diverse corporate clientele around the world.



Company technologies

As Data Engineer

  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • RDBMSs

As Systems Engineer

  • RDBMSs
  • NoSQL databases
  • websockets

Office locations

Soostone, Inc 25 Broadway, 9th Floor New York, NY, 10004 +1 917 725 0849 (Office)

How to apply

[Data Engineer & Systems Engineer] To apply, please email us at with:

  1. your resume, CV or similar
  2. a link to your open source projects, if applicable
  3. your GitHub or Bitbucket account, if applicable
  4. a short description of your interest in working with us

Missing info

We're missing some information about this company! Here's what else we need:

  • Company size
  • Remote status

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