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Company blurb

Since 2010 Spreaker has been striving for technical and customer service excellence. Within the last years we have moved from being a podcast hosting and distribution platform to expanding and innovating how content producers monetize and hone their craft.

Our global podcast hosting network delivers more than 300 million listens per month across 4 continents, enabling more than 50 thousand podcast producers to get heard and create successful podcasts. We ensure to bridge the gap between creativity and passion to profitable businesses.

Since late 2020 Spreaker is part of iHeartMedia .

Company size


Remote status

We are a full remote company since 2016. You can choose to work wherever you like, being your home, a cafeteria, a co-working, you name it.

The company provides an annual personal budget for buying home equipment or for paying a co-working.

Connecting and empathising with colleagues in a remote environment is challenging. During the years we learned to create moments in the day-by-day work to ease this. Just to give you an idea we have:

  • Donuts: opt-in, random, 1-to-1 chat about all topics but work
  • Monthly Trivia: where teams challenge each other like in a TV show quiz

Several people are located in Italy and sometimes people who live nearby meet and work together for a day.

Once a year we gather together for a company retreat, usually in Europe.


We are both in US and Europe. Tech team is all located in Europe (more or less between CET-2 and CET +2)

Company technologies

In order to provide our service we maintain several application, using a wide range of technologies, just to name a few:

  • Kubernetes, Lambda, SQS, Postgres, Redis, Prometheus
  • PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Scala, Android, Swift, Kotlin

Office locations

The internet.

How to apply

You can find all open positions here: https://careers.spreaker.com/opportunities/