Company blurb

Spreedly delivers a service to our customers that does just three things: collects payment data (mostly credit cards) on their behalf, keeps that payment data safe, and lets them make use of it however they'd like. The complicating factor in all that is PCI-DSS and more security more generally, and taking on the hard work of keeping all that data safe through each step of the process is what our customers pay us for. Further, because of all the backends we integrate with, we think "distributed system first" and are already hitting all kinds of interesting scaling challenges.

Company size

As of the summer of 2016 we're on the low end of 20-50 employees, but we're growing pretty quickly.

Remote status

We've had a semi-distributed culture from day one, with the founders working out of their respective houses initially, and for the last few years we've had the company working 2 days/week out of our Durham office, and 3 days/week working from wherever individuals like. We've also had full-time remote sales folks from really early on.

As of the summer of 2016, we're taking the next step which is to start hiring full-time remote engineers and technical support reps and transition to a fully distributed team. We'll still have plenty of people working out of our Durham office, but we're embracing the idea that once there are full-time remote employees, the whole team needs to think of itself as distributed.


As of the summer of 2016, we're focused on US-friendly timezones - you should be able to easily overlap at least 5 hours of your work day with the US Eastern time zone.

Company technologies

We have a lot of Ruby, two very well-written and up-to-date Rails apps, and are starting most greenfields development in Elixir.

Office locations

Durham, NC, USA

How to apply

Check out https://spreedly.com/jobs to see what's listed and apply, and note that some positions may not be open to remote (yet).