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Company blurb

At Spruce , our mission is to build relationships and technology that empower local businesses to serve our residents. From full housekeeping to a quick tidy up or a dog walk for your furry friend, Spruce is available to residents on-demand. For the property manager, Spruce reduces the growing burden of managing multiple vendors and provides security and oversight for the entire property. Spruce helps local businesses build economies of scale in their operations and tech-enable their business so they can compete in the modern economy.

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Remote status

Spruce is a remote-first organization. What that means for us is that we do not have any in-office requirements and conduct all company activities assuming a significant portion of participants will be remote.

We also recently terminated the lease on our headquarters office in Austin, TX in favor of a "floating" headquarters that is adaptable to our company's current needs. As a rapidly growing startup, this helps us remain free of the constraints of a physical location and adaptable to the changes that are inherent to a young, growing company.


Our team is spread-out across North America and Latin America. We're location-agnostic as long as there is 5+ hours of overlap with Central timezone and adequate access to stable, high-speed internet.

Company technologies

Primary: Node.js | React | TypeScript | GraphQL | Kubernetes | Docker | AWS

Secondary: Go | Python | Terraform

Office locations

Austin, TX, USA

How to apply

Visit https://getspruce.com/careers/ to see open positions.