Stairlin Worldwide

Company blurb

Stairlin is building a marketplace for anyone to easily start or run their business online; and to offer their customers a seamless experience to find, book and pay for their services in 15 seconds or less.

Company size

6 team members

Remote status

Stairlin is set up to work remotely and half of the team works remotely every day. All our team members work on the GTM+2 time zone, but we are open to have people from different time zones as long as our working hours overlap for our daily stand-up.



Company technologies


  • React, Redux, Saga
  • Webpack


  • Go
  • Microservices
  • Couchbase, InfluxDB, Consul
  • Docker, Swarm

Office locations

Stairlin has an office in Zürich (Switzerland) and Lausanne (Switzerland) - GMT+2

How to apply

If your desire is to surround yourself with smart people that you will learn from – in an open, collaborative, transparent environment – and simultaneously contribute to that knowledge then you just might be what we're looking for: Current Openings