Company blurb

TeamUltra work with the ServiceNow Platform to create IT Service Management and Business Process automation for customers from global companies to medium enterprises. The work is 100% remote, based in the UK, with regular team meetups and a sense of family.

(It has since been acquired by Computacenter: )

Company size

65 people, and always on the look out for talented people in the web development world to move across to this exciting platform.

Remote status

TeamUltra have had people working across the UK from the start. It's in the nature of being the first ServiceNow partner in the UK, we've always been Cloud Based.



Company technologies

Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap and the power of the NowPlatform...

Office locations

All based remote in the UK, but with some offices we can use across the country.

How to apply

Check out our careers page and send an email to