Company blurb

Transloadit is a file uploading & encoding service. Launched by 3 developers who met through open source in 2009, customers have loved our clever API and top-notch support ever since.

We're the company that has been running Node.js in production the longest. As such we had to invent a few wheels. Wheels we shared with the world. Most notably: node-mysql, node-formidable, and node-retry. These are modules that are now industry standards for dealing with MySQL, file uploads, and networked/unreliable systems. We also contributed to Node.js itself a lot.

Our latest open source project is 'tus'. tus is our most ambitious open source project yet: its goal is to change how the world does file uploading. tus is an open standard for resumable file uploads that has been started by Transloadit, and collaborated on by employees at Google, Yahoo, the director of engineering at Vimeo, an author of HTTP/1.1, and the creator of ZeroMQ. We're writing implementations of this protocol for all popular languages, so that developers around the globe can have drop-in reliable uploads for their projects.

Strongly rooted in the open source community, we try to give back in as many ways we can:

  • Open sourcing our juicy bits
  • Talking on conferences and sponsoring them
  • Giving away free tickets to conferences on Twitter every month
  • Sharing our tech in articles
  • Contributing back (cash & code) to the giants whose shoulders we're standing on, such as ImageMagick, Node.js, and

Working for Transloadit means no deadlines, no shortcuts, working on open source for 80% of the time, being flexible with your hours, and getting really excited about new tech we push out.

Company size

0-10 Employees

Remote status

Our two co-founders Tim & Kevin live in Berlin and Amsterdam. The rest of the team mostly consists of freelancers and part-timers and are spread across the globe. This means there is no shared office space outside of Slack, Basecamp, Skype.

We meet up for company sponsored drinks & hacks in real life about 4 times a year.


Work from anywhere in the world : )

Company technologies

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • CoffeeScript
  • Ubuntu
  • AWS

Office locations

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to apply

Send your GitHub profile to @transloadit !