Company blurb

Truss works side by side with our clients to design, build, and scale modern software that exceeds standards for speed and security. We often work with private sector, civic tech, healthcare, and U.S. government organizations.

Company size

About 100 folks as of May 2020.

Remote status

We are a distributed organization! We have folks in every US mainland timezone working from many states.


USA only; many of our contracts with the US government and with US healthcare providers require that work is done in the US.

Company technologies

Lots, to be honest. Our clients tend to use languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. We tend to use languages like Go, Python, and modern JavaScript and build infrastructure in AWS with Terraform. Our projects are often web applications deployed into cloud environments, and not always; we've done data processing pipelines, native mobile applications, and various kinds of workshop training (design and engineering) as well.

Office locations

We have a small office in San Francisco; however, it's effectively a co-working space for some of the SF based folks. All meetings, systems, processes, and tools are designed for use from anywhere with a reliable network connection and a working computer.

How to apply

Read our jobs page and see if anything there is interesting to you!