udacity.com Worldwide

Company blurb

Udacity is an online education platform that leads to meaningful skills and gainful employment.

At Udacity, our mission is to empower our students to not just advance their education, but to land their dream job in technology through a relevant 21st century education.

Company size

200+ (50+ on Engineering/Product/Design)

Remote status

We believe in working however suits you best; not in measuring productivity by how often you come into the office. Whether you prefer our main office in Mountain View, our co-working space in San Francisco, a home office on the East Coast or a beach cafe in some tropical paradise, we'll make sure you're able to productively collaborate and communicate with the rest of your team via Slack, Hangouts and GitHub.



Company technologies

Much like where we work, we believe how we work should be dictated by productivity and fit for the task at hand. Our team uses a number of technologies (React/GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Go, Scala, Python, Angular, Java and Objective-C to name a few), but you're welcome to use whatever language/framework/dev environment will let you do your best work.

Office locations

Our Main Office is in Mountain View, CA. We have additional offices in San Francisco and Shanghai, with more on the way.