Company blurb

As a software development & IT consulting agency, Webrunners stands for agile web development and software development, implementation of complex web applications, individual software solutions, IT consulting and programming services since 2005.

Webrunners is the right contact when it comes to agile software development, business software, software modernization and high security standards. In order to make the various work processes in a company faster and more effective, we design and develop modern IT solutions and business software.

In doing so, we like to rely on the latest, but proven standards, both technologically and methodically. But we also like to try out new things as a team, for example in joint hackathons in our creative space here in Cologne, together with our remote employees, who are always involved.

When working with remote colleagues, it is important to us that they can contribute on an equal footing with the team. That's why the entire infrastructure is designed for remote working and accessible from anywhere. We like to make meetings in the whole team all-remote, so that the same conditions exist for everyone.

If, for example, hybrid meetings are required for a hackathon or workshops, we try our best with appropriate equipment to make all external employees as comfortable as possible.

Company size

We are a team of about 10 permanent employees, some part-time freelancers and a techie CEO and founder. Since the beginning in 2005 we like to work a lot with remote employees and international freelancers.

Remote status

The whole team, including the employees in Cologne usually work "remotely". This means that we meet online for most of the meetings, since the conditions are the same for everyone, and we use online tools for these meetings. For example, messenger and video conferencing for coordination, online whiteboards for visualization and issue trackers like Gitlab and Jira for project work. We try to work as much as possible aysnchronously, so that everyone can organize their own times outside of the core working hours as freely as possible.

Employees are often in home offices. Nevertheless, we have two locations in Cologne, Germany, which are available to all employees. A chic and large office with meeting room in the center within walking distance from the main train station. This is very good for client meetings if needed. And then there is our CreativeSpace in the north of Cologne, with 3D printing, workshop area and our own workshop, well equipped with tools.


Germany and European Union (due to legal reasons)

Company technologies

Programming: Python, Django, REACT, GraphQL, Javascript/Typescript

DevOps: Docker, Git, AWS

Business tools: GitLab, Atlassian Stack, Slack, Zoom/Talk

Office locations

Come by for a coffee and visit us at the Von-Werth-Str. 37, 50670 Cologne, Germany

How to apply

Feel free to apply initatively or check out our careers page [1] for open positions.

[1]: https://www.webrunners.de/en/jobs/