Wikimedia Foundation

Company blurb

Work with the foundation that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects in more than 285 languages Some of our favorite reasons to work for the Wikimedia Foundation

  • Influence hundreds of millions of readers all over the globe
  • Work with talented, mission-driven people
  • Support the 5th-most visited web properties in the world
  • Collaborate in an open, transparent environment
  • Innovate solutions to problems that impact millions of people
  • Do work that actually makes the world a better place
  • Work in small teams on huge and important projects
  • Interact with a global community with diverse cultures

Company size

200 - 500 employees. All listed on the Staff and contractors page , per teams.

Remote status

Not all jobs are available to remote, however the posting will advise this.


From the Work with us FAQ

Can international applicants apply for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation? We are a global organization and welcome international applicants for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation. Please see our “Pluralism, internationalism, and diversity” policy .

Company technologies

PHP, Varnish, Nginx, Hadoop, R, Java, and Bayesian Analysis, MariaDB, MySQL, NoSQL, Puppet

Office locations

The Wikimedia Foundation's head office is in San Francisco

How to apply

Any job openings will appear on the Work with us page