Company blurb

Enhancing the Presence of Japanese Companies in the Digital Society

Established : 11th January 2018

Company size

2-10 employees

Source : https://www.linkedin.com/company/willingsinc/about/

Remote status

Students from India pursuing their bachelors/masters from IITs are eligible to apply



Company technologies

Front-end Engineer: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Angular,AJAX, RESTful API,Responsive Design,Version Control (e.g., Git),Testing (e.g., Jasmine, Karma).

Sales: Communication,Negotiation,Relationship Management,Market Understanding,Presentation Skills,Goal Setting.

Backend Developer: Server-side Languages (Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js),Database Management (SQL, NoSQL),RESTful API,Server Deployment,Frameworks (e.g., Spring, Flask, Express),Authentication, Authorization.

Full Stack Developer: Front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript),Back-end (Server-side Languages),Database Management,API Development,Version Control (e.g., Git),Containerization, Cloud Services.

Software Development Engineer (SDE): Programming Languages (Java, Python, C++),Data Structures, Algorithms,Problem-solving,Object-oriented Design,SDLC Understanding,Version Control (e.g., Git),Testing and Debugging,Software Architecture, Design Patterns

Office locations

5F STbuilding, 2-1-30 Ecchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0044

How to apply

Visit https://willings.co.jp/en/join-us to see open positions.